Supercharge your triathlon performance!

Proper training takes time and analysis. 
PCG is the leader in training with power. We use scientifically established power based training techniques and proven sports science principles and analysis to improve athletic performance. Each coach is hand-picked and trained by Hunter Allen and licensed by USA Triathlon. Whether you are looking to accelerate your performance in swimming, cycling, or running, our certified coaches will help you dominate your big event.

       Custom one-on-one Coaching, No long-term contracts

We are ready to get you started.

Our mission at Peaks Coaching Group is to be your shortcut to fast. Hiring the right coaching service is a big decision so we make the process as easy as possible and are here throughout to help you get exactly what you are looking for.  Review our steps below and let us help you get started today!

Step 1


Check out the different levels of service and coaching programs that we offer below, we offer five levels of service to fit your needs.

Step 2


Ready to schedule your free coaching consultation? Our coach coordinator; Kate Jenkins will answer your questions in detail about coaching.

Step 3


Simply interview and select the 
coach that you want to work with. Then get started working towards 
achieving your goals.
Peaks Coaching Group Levels Chart
     Click for the details of each level:               BRONZE          SILVER            GOLD             PLATINUM        TITANIUM 
PCG triathlon and multisport coaches help their clients to accelerate their development in swimming, cycling, and running by offering effective training programs and developing individualized techniques that fit persons’ distinct schedule using the most current analytics in power, biomechanics, and performance measures.
Here are our most popular packages.
Speed up your tri with these great training resources

Great coaches to supercharge your tri-training 

Why Peaks Coaching Group?

Powerful Coaches
We wrote the book on Power Training for cycling and triathlon. We have over 8 coaches throughout the world. All our triathlon & multi-sport coaches are USA Triathlon and USA Cycling certified. We feature one USA Swimming Level 4 coach, two run and swim bio-mechanic specialists, numerous former professionals, one sports nutritionist, and 100+ years of experience. 

Custom Coaching
Interview and choose your coach to best fit your coaching needs. Your coach will then build the perfect custom season plan, training program, and analysis process with you to ensure maximal results. 

Powerful Results
Our coaches get powerful results! Our athletes demonstrate an average improvement of 14% in threshold/FTP within 6 months. Additionally, significant increases in swim speed and technique and momentous improvements in run pacing. This is how you SPEED UP YOUR TRI!

Our Story

Discover more about coaching.

We pride ourselves in taking a personal approach to coaching and the athlete-coach relationship. Our goal is to provide expert-level coaching and consulting to athletes of all abilities and levels. I am Kate Jenkins, the athlete-coach coordinator for Peaks Coaching Group. I’d love to talk with you about coaching and the impact it can make towards increasing your fitness, strength and power. I can offer you advice and suggestions on training and guide you to the best solution to achieve your best season ever! Fill out the form below and we’ll get started. Or send me a Skype message at KateJenkinsPCG

Kathy Watts Peaks Coaching Group

Kate Jenkins, Athlete-Coach Coordinator

One-on-one Coaching
Training Plans
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