Chris Myers

Chris Myers

Panama City, Florida

USAC Level 2 Coach
USAT Level 1 Coach
USA Swimming Level 2 Coach
Certified Sports Nutritionist, International Society of Sports Nutrition (CISSN)
Doctoral Candidate
PCG Elite/Master Coach
Coaching Focus: Tri, Road, MTB, CompuTrainer


I started endurance sports during high school. I performed my first sprint triathlon at the age of seventeen in Dayton, Ohio, and did triathlons for recreation during my early years, but I didn't get serious about endurance sports until I went to college. In 2002 I joined the cycling team during my sophomore year at my alma mater, United States Military Academy. That was the point I began to grow as a cyclist. I started as a Men’s C road racer, and by my senior year in 2004, I'd become a Men’s A road racer and co-team captain.

Upon graduation, I moved to Germany and began racing on the military and German road and mountain bike circuits. I started as a USAC Level 3 road and mountain bike racer and was able to upgrade to a Level 2 road and Level 1 mountain biker. In 2008 I began racing with pro-level teams in Germany and had many top-twenty finishes in various criteriums, road races, and mountain bike races. I competed in USAC Masters Nationals Road Race and Criterium, and in the USA Crits Hyde Park race. During the 2010 and 2011 race seasons, I began focusing on triathlons and competed in all categories ranging from sprint to Ironman distances.

After my second deployment to Iraq in 2008, I decided I wanted to become a coach and help other cyclists and triathletes attain their goals. I began coaching in late 2008 with a small group of active duty military athletes ranging from serious Category 1 road and mountain bikers and triathletes to the club racers wanting to stay with the group. I was able to assist athletes to achieve their goals and improve as a cyclist or triathlete.

Coaching philosophy

Training is not all about numbers. Numbers are a good indicator of your training performance, but you need to look at every other aspect of your program, including work your schedules, stress, nutrition, sleep, and most importantly, family. A good coach recognizes this and helps you balance all these factors. I learned these lessons the hard way. I want to pass on my knowledge of training, racing tactics, preparation, and all other aspects of being a holistic athlete in order to assist you in reaching your goals and the next level.

Your training program is yours; it is not mine. I firmly believe I am simply a tool to help you improve and achieve your objectives. I will listen and work hard to assist you to achieve your goals.

Notable achievements
  • Coached Florida State University (FSU) Triathlon Team to 1st Place in the Florida Collegiate Triathlon Conference in 2014
  • Coached FSU Men’s Tri team to 1st overall in 2014 and 3rd overall in 2013
  • Coached FSU Women’s Tri team to 2nd overall consecutively in 2013 and 2014
  • Coached several collegiate triathletes who earned their pro cards
  • Winner of the 2009 United States Armed Forces Road Racing Series
  • 28th Overall in the 2009 Ohio State Road Race Championships
Athlete testimonials

If I were to search for one thing that’s either missing or somehow below my expectations, I'd come up empty...completely empty. I believe there was one occasion where it took Chris the ungodly time of several hours to respond to an email (I'm joking....that's certainly quite acceptable), but he's usually back to me in a matter of minutes, and certainly within the hour. Not quite sure how he does it, but I feel as though I'm the only guy in the planet he's working’s an amazing experience! When I am disappointed with myself or the performance on a particular workout, he's there immediately to let me know we're on track, that my training load is doing what it’s supposed to do (find my limits) so that he can better train me in the next workout and the next block. My goal is to get the absolute best out of me; his goal is to help me define my best, then stretch for even more.  - Brian, Pennsylvania

I am extremely happy with Chris's coaching. Prior to training with Chris I have done quite a bit of cycling myself but hit a plateau. Chris identified very quickly what the limiters were and we started working on it. Since then I have seen a lot of improvement and I am sure there is still a lot to come. Chris is always very responsive to my questions and does a really great job at explaining the reasons for why we train a certain way, which is very important to me.  - Marie-Louise, Alberta
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