Bill Earthman

Bill Earthman

Austin, Texas

USAC Level 1 Power Certified Coach

USAT Level 1 Coach
PCG Elite Coach
Coaching Focus: Tri, Ultra Endurance, MTB, Xterra


Like most athletes, I've loved any type of athletic event since I was a kid. Still to this day I find myself watching sports and thinking, “How do they train and develop their talent to be the best?” Athletics has been a huge part of my life. Hockey took me all over the world, and later I began running, but after a few years I needed more competitive sports in my life, which led me to triathlons. After a few short races I still needed more, so I signed up for my first Ironman. The minute I finished I was already thinking of ways to improve in all three disciplines. Training and racing with the fastest triathletes in the country got me faster, but then I'd plateau. As a result I began to research new training methods like heart rate monitors, periodization, better nutrition, and eventually power meters. The more I raced, the faster I got. After eight successful years of triathlon racing, I decided I needed to try other endurance events, which led me to my love of multi-day events and ultra racing.

I've got a proven track record of getting athletes ready for competition and achieving results. Since I'm still a competitor myself, I can identify with each one of my athletes. Whether your dream is to be the best at sprint triathlons and Ironman races or to complete a multi-day race, I will be honored to develop a plan that will get you to the finish line on time.

Coaching philosophy

It’s all about time, isn't it? I once heard this quote: “Success is making your minutes, hours, days, and months add up to a good life.” So if there are only twenty-four hours in a day and you want to be an Ironman, how and when do you find time to train? All of us have to sacrifice something in our lives when we decide to do something truly significant, and good coaching makes training worth the sacrifice by keeping you focused, consistent, and successfully moving toward your goal. Managing your time and working to make you happy is my goal.

I'll get your coaching started by asking lots of questions about your current fitness level, nutrition, and time. Next I'll do an assessment by analyzing your training files and help you determine how much time and energy you need to achieve your goal. I'll develop daily and monthly workouts for you, keeping in mind your time constraints and including recovery days, time in the gym, swimming, biking, and running as needed and/or desired. Each day is planned with the optimal level of intensity according to TrainingPeaks' WKO outcomes and measurements.

Notable achievements

    • Great Floridian, Florida
    • Wildflower, California
    • Buffalo Springs, Texas
    • Kings Trail, Hawaii
    • Capital of Texas
    • BC Bike Race
    • Mas o Menos
    • Terlingua
    • Leadville 100, CO
    • Cape Epic, South Africa
    • Tour de Etape, France
    • Tour of Friendship, Thailand
    • Tour de Bintan, Indonesia

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