The Peaks Coaching Group VIP Club.

Here at Peaks Coaching Group we think our athletes are the best! Because of that feeling, we created the VIP club to say thanks to you, our athlete, for being so incredible! The VIP club offers ongoing, and special deep monthly discounts, on all the products we love at Peaks Coaching Group!

Scroll down to see some of PCG favorite items that are available to you with your VIP discount! Remember to check out the store to see all the items you can use your VIP discount on.

BEETELITE - A MUST for any competitive athlete. Simple to use and convenient to travel with. 
CAMPS - Our power training camps are all about the camper. Join us and train like the pros! 
PCG APPAREL - Kits, socks, or hats, you will be the first to know when they are available and will have a discount.

POWER - Whether you need to get started with power or need an upgrade, you have a discount!
SKRATCH LABS - Cookie mix, fruit drops, hydration mix, whatever you need - we have your favorites!
WEBINARS - Live or recorded, you get to view them with a discount, making it easy for you to keep up with the latest.

Questions? Lost your code?

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