Hunter Allen Power Seminars

Widely known as one of the top experts in the world in coaching endurance athletes using power meters, Hunter Allen's goal has always been to teach athletes how to maximize their training and racing potential through professional analysis of their power data. This goes hand in hand with his philosophy that a power meter helps athletes discover their true strengths and weaknesses, quantitatively assess their training improvements, and refine and maximize the focus of their training.

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Hunter's featured seminars

Individualizing Your Training with WKO4

This dynamic seminar will introduce new cutting edge methods of improving both the effectiveness and efficiency of your coaching and training by individualizing the training. This session will focus on going beyond training by standardized systems and rules, it will focus on how to use advanced analysis and planning tools to target training to the individuals unique physiology of the athlete in order to maximize training and performance results.

Specificity and the Power Duration Model

This seminar explores the science behind and uses of the Power Duration Model designed by Andrew Coggan, Ph.D. Learning how to understand and utilize Pmax, Functional Reserve Capacity, and Modeled Functional Threshold Power form the core focus of this seminar, emphasizing ways to use these new metrics to improve planning and tracking of training programs to enhance the use of the Specificity Principle of training.

Efficiency and the
Power of Pedaling

Over the last few years cycling has seen an increase in available data and focus on pedaling. This seminar will focus on delving into measuring and improving the mythical efficiency in the pedaling stroke. New tracking metrics designed by Hunter Allen and Andrew Coggan, Ph.D. will be explored, along with testing and training protocols focused on advanced analysis and actionable improvement protocols. 

Seven Steps of
Power Training

Power meters are the the fastest growing training tool in the market and this interactive learning seminar will teach both athletes and coaches the fundamentals of training with power. With topics ranging from term definitions to in depth hows, attendees will walk away from this session with the ability to immediately become a master in power training.

Annual Planning
with Power

This seminar leads attendees through a step by step process of building the perfect annual plan. The session focus on each key step, progressing from diagnostics, to planning, and finally tracking the annual plan. Included in this seminar is our proprietary annual planning spreadsheets.

Advanced Training
with Power

This interactive seminar explores advanced training with power principles and techniques. Attendees will need a solid understand of power training before attending this seminar.  Topics range from advanced uses of quadrant analysis to diagnosing over training.  

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