The PCG power advantage.

Train more efficiently using your data.

Training with data is about training more efficiently! Our power advantage system starts by utilizing a combination of historical data and current testing to build a clear power profile and a training needs analysis, which act as the foundation of the diagnosis/prescription process to ensure that your training plan is efficient and focused on your specific physiological needs.

Once your baseline abilities and fitness are established, your coach will apply specific workouts with clearly defined targets and training zones that will allow you to maximize your workouts and get the most out of the time you spend on the bike.

What does this mean to you?

  • A clear objective to your training that’s based on your data
  • More effective and efficient use of your training hours
  • Less wasted time, fewer junk miles, and less time spent training with the wrong focus
  • Improved training capacity by training hard when you should and resting when you have to

Increase your power.

Our average athletes increase their power at threshold over 12% in the first six weeks! We all train for a reason. We all have goals. We all want to get fitter and faster, and the Peaks power advantage system is the best way to get results. There is one simple reality: you need to pedal harder, pedal longer, and go faster than ever before. To do this you need to train by the numbers so we can focus on increasing the key thing that will help you achieve your goal of more power.

Our system accomplishes this by constantly monitoring and managing your workout intensity through your IF (intensity factor) and your NP (normalized power), allowing us to gauge subtle changes required in workout prescriptions to maximize your power gains.

What does this mean to you?

  • Our average athletes increase their power at threshold over 12% in the first six weeks
  • Our powerful performance tracking tools allow you coach to build progressive workouts based on actual performance to maximize your gains
  • Use and tracking of the normalized power algorithm allows us to better understand the real cost/benefit of your training efforts and maximize your training
  • Tracking power increases by zones is a strong motivation! Would you go to the weight room and never look at the how much you lift?

Your best season ever.

Our system is focused on two things: first, we want to maximize your training time to get you to your highest fitness, best performance, and ultimate peak. Second, we want to get you there at your big goal event; peak performance WHEN YOU WANT IT! Our system is focused on planning the season through a scientific approach, using your data and your tested physiological results to train more efficiently for the demands of your goal events. The Peaks Power Advantage system accomplishes this through careful planning and management of your CTL (chronic training load) and TSB (training stress balance) to track the increases in your fitness in order to continue to build progressive increases while carefully monitoring your rest to ensure you have the freshness to perform in your big event.

What does this mean to you?

  • We’ll provide event training based on your ability and specifically designed for the demands of your event
  • We’ll eliminate the guesswork and quantify the intensity, duration, and frequency cycles that make up your annualized plan.
  • Through the use of the Performance Manager Chart, your coach will build your training progressively over time to achieve your peak performance on schedule

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