Randy Catron

Randy Catron

Urbandale, Iowa

USAC Level 1 Coach
NSCA Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist
M.S. in Exercise Science from A.T. Still University
PCG Elite/Master Coach
Coaching Focus: Road, Ultra Endurance, Time Trial


I started racing at the age of 34, but I'd already been riding (centuries and charity tours) since I was a teenager. I now compete in age 50+ master’s races, including road races, time trials, criteriums, and cyclocross, as well as participating in many non-competitive charity and club rides. I devote time to working with my race team, promoting races and helping new riders of all ages develop the skills and confidence necessary to have fun riding their bikes. I recently began competing in ultra-distance events, and in my first attempt at Race Across the West in 2013, my partner and I set the 50+ 2P age group record.

Besides my master's degree in exercise science, I earned a B.A. in communications from Iowa State University and an M.A. in marketing from Drake University. I have been married to Terri for over thirty years, and we have two grown sons, a hairless sphynx cat, a savannah cat, and a rescue cat. I am retired from the Air Force Reserve. Family, cycling, and learning are my passions.

Coaching philosophy

Riding a bike should be fun. How each person defines “fun” is unique to that person. My job as your coach will be to help you improve your performance and reach your goals, maximize your fun factor, and develop confidence in your skills and abilities as a rider.

All athletes have one thing in common: they want to improve. And improving performance is best done by following a structured training plan, one designed using published knowledge on training and guided by a knowledgeable and experienced coach who will advise and encourage you (that would be me, or at least one of my colleagues at Peaks.

Your training plan is a road map to your cycling goals. There may be unexpected detours along the route, but together we’ll figure out how to get around the obstacles (communication is important) and back on the path to our destination (accomplishing your goals). Eventually we’ll reach the destination, and measuring your progress toward improvement will be an important aspect of our plan. If we arrive at our destination sooner than planned, we’ll add more destinations or goals.

In more concrete terms, here are the key elements when I work with an athlete:
    • Communication: phone, email, Skype Facebook, and in person, if possible
    • Annual plan: with event and power/performance goals
    • Measurement: regularly tracking performance and key power metrics
    • Flexibility: making schedule changes when needed
    • Fun: making your training and riding fun
Specialties and notable achievements
  • 15+ years of coaching experience
  • Numerous seminars and clinics at USA Cycling
  • Current 50+ Race Across the West 2P record holder 2013, with Colan Arnold
  • Active competitor in road, time trial, criterium, cyclocross, brevets, and ultra events
  • Director of Iowa’s largest race team
Athlete testimonials

Randy is a great coach and is definitely helping me achieve my power and endurance goals. I'm now more than confident to compete in USAC Masters Road and Cyclocross National events. - Sarah, Iowa

Randy has helped me reach the best condition and level of performance I have ever had. Great work, Randy!!!! Jim Olsen, Michigan

You have helped me soooo much! You're the best! - Louis Naes, Missouri

Big shout-out to Randy for the awesome coaching! Have to admit, I had lots of "why" questions in my head as the training fatigue set in, but now the answers are very clear.  - Franci Pirkle, North Carolina,, RAAM 2011 8-person team competitor

Randy, with your training, a team of five petite women and three men held off two very tough all-male teams from the British army and the California police department in a 3000-mile race. We accomplished more than we ever dreamed. We can't thank you enough. You are amazing!  - Karen Marinelli Wandell, North Carolina, RAAM 2011 8-person team competitor

I contacted Randy when I decided to take up cycling to help prepare me for Ironman Florida the following year. My speed and endurance improved significantly over the training period. This was especially true for my cycling. He encourages you when you’re down and praises you when you excel. Perhaps most importantly, he helped me balance training with my other responsibilities.  - Terry Grapentine, Iowa
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