Namrita Kumar

Namrita Kumar

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Atlanta, Georgia

MS Nutrition
Ph.D. Applied Exercise Physiology
Registered Dietitian
PCG Nutritionist


It was endurance mountain bike racing that first got me interested in nutrition and physiology ten years ago. After working hard to train more and recover better while I had a full time job, I quickly identified nutrition as a limiting factor in many athletes' ability to consistently perform well and advance as an athlete. At that point I decided to change my career from software consulting to sport science and nutrition.

I've been racing as an off-road endurance athlete since 2004, most recently with Team Topeak-Ergon USA and PowerBar Team Elite. My introduction to mountain biking was through adventure racing, and I quickly developed a passion for endurance and ultra-endurance racing. If your nutrition is not dialed in for this type of event, you may not even finish the race. Through my experience as well as my academic studies and research, I have been able to develop a unique perspective as to what it takes for an athlete to perform at his or her best and how to achieve this while still maintaining quality of life and overall health.

I have been able to personally translate this knowledge and experience to off-road triathlon and cross-country mountain bike racing and stood on the podium of many National Ultra Endurance Series (50-100 mile mountain bike) races, XTERRA off-road triathlons, 12-24 hour solo and duo mountain bike races, and even in USA Cycling collegiate mountain bike national championships. I am able to help athletes of all types (Ironman triathlon to ultra-distance self-supported cycling) not only finish extremely challenging events, but also to be competitive in them.

I have been fortunate to be a member of PowerBar's Team Elite since 2007 and have represented PowerBar at events such as the US Olympic Committee's International Sport Nutrition Conference and the Professional Hockey Athletic Trainers Society annual meeting. Through my graduate studies and research in sports nutrition, I have presented at several American College of Sports Medicine annual conferences. I am also an active volunteer in the international organization Professionals in Nutrition for Exercise & Sport (PINES).

Coaching philosophy

Everything I recommend to my athletes is based on scientific research and evidence. I do not believe that one diet is any better than another, but I do believe that every single athlete out there can make further gains by evaluating or reevaluating his or her dietary intake and sports nutrition strategy. Like advances in training methods and protocols, there have also been many advancements in sport nutrition research over the last few years. I have the expertise and experience to help you find out what your limiters are and learn how to address them while improving your athletic performance and quality of life.

Athlete testimonials

Namrita is awesome and I can't say enough good things. We just clicked. I know a lot about and am well read on nutrition, diet, health but I had trouble putting it into a single plan for myself, which she has done for me in an amazing way. She is responsive and attentive to my needs and food preferences. My recovery is better, my performance is better, and my day to day energy is awesome.  - Joe, Wisconsin

Namrita and I had our consultation this morning; I was blown away by how knowledgeable she was and how easily she distilled the key concepts of nutrition for athletes. Within 5 minutes after the phone call, I had already implemented several of her suggestions to properly fuel an afternoon workout that same day. I was also able to improve the timing and content of my pre- and post-workout meals, taking into account what I’ll need for subsequent days’ workouts. I would not hesitate to recommend Namrita to fellow athletes and plan to request additional consultation time in the near future to make sure I remain on-track.  - Eric, Wyoming

Namrita is great! She is watching my training calendar and dialing in my nutrition to match the needs. She sends emails if she has questions about comments I may have made about how I feel on a particular day or if a workout went well or not. I should have done this sooner.    - Jimmy, Texas

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