Len Pettyjohn

Len Pettyjohn

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Vero Beach, Florida

USAC Level 3 Coach
PCG Elite/Master Coach
Coaching Focus: Road, Crit, Time Trial, Masters


Cycling has been my all-consuming lifestyle for over thirty years, with involvement in riding, racing, team management, and event organization. After racing as a graduate student in Wisconsin and then moving to Boulder, Colorado, my cycling interests became more serious. I created and organized local amateur teams that climbed to national-level prominence throughout the 1980s. With victories in the Coors Classic (Dale Stetina, 1983) and a large number of national team riders, my programs began to focus on major races across the U.S. Most notable of these were the 1984 American Savings team, with team member Alexi Grewal taking home Olympic Gold and three juniors winning world championship medals.

By the late 1980s I was managing three major teams: the Coors Light Professional Team, the Crest Amateur Team, and the Lowrey’s Women’s Team. All three achieved world class results, with multiple national champions and five participants on the 1988 Olympic team. The highlight year was 1989, when Coors Light team member Greg LeMond won both the Tour de France and World Road Championship. Throughout the mid 1990s I continued to work with Coors Light as the team dominated the domestic circuit, with 135 wins in 1992 and more than 500 total wins in six years.

In 1995 I began organizing a series of cycling events. First was the Mercury Tour, a major mountain bike race in Steamboat Springs that launched the Outdoor Life Network (now Versus) into original bike race programming. From 2000 to 2002 I organized the Saturn Cycling Classic, a 140-mile epic from Boulder to Breckinridge, Colorado, that was featured on ESPN2 as the most difficult road race in America.

In 2005 I was drawn to my current role of working with masters-level riders and racers. I started racing again with the Boulder Masters Team and established a rewarding relationship with Neal Henderson and the Boulder Center for Sports Medicine. Our team utilizes complete power-based training and is one of the most successful masters teams in the U.S., with five current national champions (including myself). In 2008 I directed the Toyota-United team, one of the top domestic professional teams.

Coaching philosophy

I've closely watched the evolution of coaching, training equipment, and program development over my thirty years of working closely with elite-level juniors, women, top amateur men, professionals, and masters cyclists. While it is possible to help riders from novice to professional with relatively simple methods, the availability of power meters, attendant software, and instant communication means that we now have exceptional tools for success. It’s currently possible to tailor extremely detailed training programs for individuals of diverse ability levels with time constraints of work, family, and weather. My expertise is in utilizing my experience with elite-level riders to coach those who are currently masters-level cyclists. I also bring a background of racing tactics and strategic thinking that especially benefits riders looking to take the next step in their development.

Athlete testimonials

Len has taken me from a somewhat casual rider to a dedicated athlete. I have been able to enjoy my riding and I get tangible results from my training. I wish some of my friends would use him so we could ride together at a consistent level. Len has never missed a beat with my hectic and changing schedule. He even anticipates my lack of timeliness in sharing information with him and is proactive in securing that necessary information. - Danette, Florida

I'm very lucky to have Len as my coach. He is personal on the one hand and 100% business on the other. I know that he has a full understanding of my capabilities. Since he has coached me my threshold went up by 15%, which at my (unfortunately increasing) age and my background is huge for me. - Guenter, North Carolina

Len is the most supportive person I know. I have grown as a rider largely because of his support and encouragement. He understands me as a rider and is able to communicate with me on a level that makes me confident in my abilities. I do not think I could work with anyone else. He saw potential in me when no one else did and supported my inclusion in the team that I ride for. - Michelle, Colorado

I am 75 and still improving. I won the Florida state road racing in 2013; this is because of Len.  - Hank, Florida

Len is obviously very knowledgeable and has done a good job of explaining the theory/purpose behind the workout structure. He has clearly taken the time to review my workouts and listen to my feedback, which is manifested in his ability to prescribe and adjust my workouts very effectively. - Vance, Illinois

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