Jordan Whiley

Jordan Whiley

  • cycling coach
  • cycling camps
Farmville, Virginia

USAC Level 2 Coach
PCG Elite Coach
Coaching Focus: Road, Time Trial, Ultra Endurance


I fell in love with bicycle racing while watching TV coverage of Greg Lemond at the 1986 Tour de France, but I didn't begin my own racing career until 1998 while working toward my master's degree at the University of Virginia. After a brief break from racing to start a technology business, I invested in my first PowerTap in 2005 when I returned to racing.

Since then, my personal racing accomplishments have included:
    • 5 Virginia State Championship gold medals
    • 2010 Virginia State Omnium Champion
    • 4 Virginia Best All-Around Rider podiums
    • Top-ten national ranking in the time trial, 2008-present
I enjoy sharing my knowledge and training experience with a variety of clients from all over the globe, particularly master's racers, U23 riders, and juniors. In addition to coaching clients for PCG, I am the head coach of the Bear Creek Academy Cycling Team, a program geared toward introducing at-risk youth to the world of mountain bike racing.  

Coaching philosophy

My approach to coaching is based on decades of experience as a learner, counselor, and educator. It is based on four pillars:
    1. Meet the client where he/she is. Every client comes into cycling at a different point of knowledge, experience, fitness, ambitions, etc. As a coach, it's my job to assess where each client is on this continuum and then provide the athlete with the tools to move forward from there.
    2. Establish an open and honest relationship. At the core of any successful coach-athlete relationship is the ability to be honest with each other, to apply good listening skills, and to be able to communicate wants and needs effectively.
    3. The teacher is also a student. If I'm not continually learning about advances in technology, nutrition and training methods, how can I expect to provide my clients with the most up-to-date, evidence-based information possible? It's important to me to continually educate myself so I can best educate my clients.
    4. Set measurable, attainable goals. An athletic goal is not particularly useful if it is either unrealistic/unattainable or cannot be measured. My job as a coach is to help my athletes translate their ambitions into goals that, while challenging, can be objectively measured and realistically attained.
Notable achievements
  • Winner of the 2010 Virginia State Championship Omnium
  • Top 3 of the Virginia State Best All-Around Rider competition from 2008-2010
  • Twice ranked in the top ten nationally by USA Cycling in the time trial discipline age group

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