Jen Sommer

Jen Sommer-Dirks

  • sports nutrition
  • endurance nutrition
  • cycling nutrition
Glendale, Colorado

BS in Nutrition
MS in Exercise Science
Certified Specialist in Sports Dietetics
NASM Certified Personal Trainer
Eating Disorder Specialty
PCG Nutritionist


I first became interested in sports nutrition while participating in a bike tour of the French Alps during the 2004 Tour de France, which happened to be the same year I got my first road bike. Pushing myself up those super steep climbs got me thinking about how critical nutrition is to athletic performance. I decided to pursue a Master’s in Exercise Science so that I could better work in the sports nutrition field, and I started entering local events, such as the Iron Horse Bicycle Classic, Copper Triangle, and Triple Bypass. Since then I have participated in several races and organized rides, but I mostly ride because it’s fun and I love it, not to compete. I prefer to ride uphill and at elevation, and in the past few years I have gotten involved in mountain running as well.

Whether it be in cycling, mountain running, or skate skiing, I am constantly trying new sports nutrition products and experimenting with different nutritional strategies. My first-hand experience in a variety of sports helps me to better identify with the athletes I work with and to find what works best for them.

Coaching philosophy

I am a firm believer in the importance of nutrition for athletic performance and overall well being. That’s why I am passionate about helping athletes improve their performance and health by maximizing their nutrition. As an athlete myself, I have a comprehensive understanding of athletes’ unique nutrition needs. My background in disordered eating also means that I am in tune to the fine balance of managing one's diet and weight for sport without sacrificing mental and physical health.

Notable achievements
  • 1st place overall female at the 2016 Ride for the Pass
  • 2nd place, females 19-34 at the Iron Horse Cycling Classic 2015 Coca Cola Road Race 
  • 3rd place overall female at the 2014 Ride for the Pass
  • 2nd place overall female in the 2014 Iron Horse Bicycle Classic Citizen’s Race
  • 3rd place overall female in the 2014 Bob Cook Memorial Mt Evans Hill Climb Grand Fondo
  • 3rd place overall female at the 2014 Mt Royal Hill Climb
  • 7th overall female and 1st in age group at the 2014 Mt. Evans Ascent
  • Member of the Runners Roost Mountain/Ultra Running Team

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