Jannette Rho

Jannette Rho

  • cycling nutrition
  • weight loss nutrition
  • sport nutrition
Chicago, Illinois

BS of Fine Art
MS of Science, Nutrition
Registered Dietitian
PCG Nutritionist


My interest in nutrition developed as I rediscovered my inner athlete. As cycling for function, exercise, and sport became a larger part of my life, food and nutrition quickly became my main creative outlet. With the more knowledge I gained through my education and training, I realized the power of food and nutrition in healing, nurture, and performance. My athletic endeavors grew to marathon, half-ironman, and bike racing, through all of which I built my knowledge of the practical tools and tricks to fueling. I continue to participate in endurance running events and race my bike at the regional, NCC, and NRC levels. I enjoy nearly all things bike-related, but my focus is crit racing.

Coaching philosophy

My personal experiences as a racer, my professional experiences as a dietitian, and my strong interest in clean eating give me the tools to develop creative, individualized, and practical nutrition solutions. I value working with individuals to appreciate and respect the fuel being put into their bodies, to discover hidden talents in the kitchen that translate to healthier eating, and to not just reach but go beyond their goals. I want to empower you to better your performance by bettering your plate.

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