Gordy Paulson

Gordon Paulson

  • Gordy Paulson PCG Coach
  • Cycling Coach
  • Cycling Coach
Cottage Grove, Wisconsin

USAC Level 1 Power Certified Coach
PCG Elite/Master Coach
Coaching Focus: Road, Time Trial, CX, CompuTrainer

Background and coaching philosophy

I started racing bikes in the mid 1980s at the age of 34. After racing for six years, I dropped out of the race scene and took up the full-time responsibilities that come with raising children. In 1999, after twelve years away from the bike race scene, I decided to return to the sport I loved. Much had changed in that time. Bikes were lighter, training more sophisticated, and, it seemed, racing faster. In order to become competitive, I learned how to use power measurement as a training tool and adopted a periodized approach to my training. This approach worked for me. Since returning to bike racing, I've won many events (see below); I've had particularly good results in time trials and have set numerous course records in Wisconsin and Minnesota. While these records have in many cases been eclipsed, I’m proud to say that often the athletes I coach have been the new record holders.

As a former practicing attorney (UW-Law 1980), a Level 1 USAC coach, and father of three, I've learned to balance work, training, and family with the demands required to successfully race bikes. As a "sixty-something" racer I do a fair amount of master’s racing. Competing at that level requires focused, effective training. Training with power is a key ingredient that leads to success at the highest levels. I've learned to efficiently use the training time available to me to make successful racing possible. Having a coach structure and guide your training can be the single most important step you take on the path to maximizing your success. As a coach, I believe that I can help athletes on many levels, not the least of which is providing structure and balance in training so that bike racing is fun, effective, and successful.

Notable achievements
  • Cat 1 road racer
  • Winner of 6 Masters National Championships 
  • Winner of 21 Wisconsin State Championships
  • Numerous local victories
Athlete testimonials

Gordy's the best! Don't advertise, I don't want my competitors using your coaches. - Peter, Michigan

I'm quite pleased with Coach Gordy's understanding of the older athlete me (73). Training assignments challenge me always but are not impossible, forcing me to reach but not break. Careful with any body issues. Extremely knowledgeable about all areas of cycling. Can always rely on good info from Gordy and guidance.  - Tom, New York

It's been great - very educational, and Gordy has an excellent understanding of CompuTrainer and ErgVideo, which is the mainstay of my training. Great guy - always available, responsive, and knowledgeable. I've learned a lot from him about how to interpret the various charts and indicators and also around building the appropriate volume at the appropriate rate to undertake the Haute Route. I'm very pleased!!!  - Brad, Alberta

I have been SO impressed by Gordy's power training knowledge and coaching ability. He accurately identified my areas of weakness and strength and came up with a comprehensive plan to improve my performance based on that analysis. Gordy's workouts are very detailed, with all goals and targets clearly spelled out. They are also very well designed for helping me overcome weaknesses and accentuating my strengths...both of which are critical to helping me achieve my goals. Gordy is an excellent communicator and an even better encourager. Technically, everything is right on and makes total sense. - Jimmy, Texas

I have been so impressed with the level of coaching provided by Gordy. He takes the time to review my notes and always has a suggestion based on what I write. As I'm new to being coached my expectations have been more than satisfied, and as I continue to improve I can't wait to see how far I can push myself. Thanks Gordy!  - Ken, Alberta

Early on in the racing season I realized how little I knew about racing and especially training. I began to think about hiring a coach. I raced against Gordy a number of times and got beaten rather badly. I also had the opportunity to meet Gordy. He answered my questions and gave liberally of his time and knowledge gratis. He is a winsome and immensely likeable person; humble, yet extraordinarily talented as a bike racer and a coach. By the end of that racing season, I knew who I wanted to hire as my coach! I discovered around that time that I have Splenic Marginal Zone Lymphoma. Gordy was still willing to take me on and coach me, despite having to contend with an athlete undergoing treatment for cancer. Indeed, Gordy provided me with a full periodized training program and continual encouragement in my training and racing, and he answered my many questions along the way. He took me from a novice with little knowledge of training and racing to a level I never thought I could achieve. As a result of his excellent coaching, I won the USA Cycling Iowa State 50-54 Time Trial Championship in August 2007 with an average speed of 27mph for the 40K course. Later that year I also won the American Bicycle Racing 50-59 Masters National Time Trial Championship, thanks to Gordy and all he did for me. - Elmer, Iowa

Gordy’s coaching has been the key that has enabled my transition from a strong athlete and contender to a regular winner in both the Wisconsin Cycling Association Masters 1/2/3 Racing series and the WISPORT Racing series. I’ve always been able to train hard; with Gordy’s coaching techniques, I can now train smart. His extensive knowledge of advanced training techniques using power meters and his ability to communicate in layman’s terms have opened up a new world of possibilities. His coaching has made me stronger and faster overall through off-season and maintenance training regimens. Additionally, he has consistently guided me to optimum performances at key events through his power-based peaking techniques. Gordy’s influence, however, is reflected in more than just the numbers. He has demonstrated an exceptional ability to keep me motivated during a serious back injury and helped me gain confidence in myself, which has provided a significant sociological advantage. Our discussions about race tactics have also yielded tangible results. This is particularly commendable because we are often competitors in the same races. I have long respected his remarkably fierce competitiveness during a race and his equally remarkable willingness to share his knowledge and experience before and after.  - Bill

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