David Tonello

David Tonello

Los Alamos, California

USAC Level 1 Coach
PCG Elite Coach
Coaching Focus: Road, Time Trial, Track, MTB, Juniors


I've been a USA Cycling Level 1 Coach since 2001. I began coaching in the early 90s, working my way up through what were known then as the Club, Sport, and Expert coach levels.

My interest in coaching was sparked by a number of circumstances in my life. One was that I was unable to locate good local coaching for my children, who had become interested in bike racing. I have a paralyzed lower leg, but I was drawn into racing along with my children and my wife. I knew that success in racing would require making the most of my training. As a result, I have developed special skills in working with junior riders, master’s riders, and those with special physical conditions. My clients have won national championships, state championships, and many significant races. Some have become professional bicycle racers. I've coached riders from age 7 to 70 and everywhere in between. There have been many riders with special conditions, including athletes with significant asthma issues, ADD athletes, amputees, diabetics, and athletes with other medical challenges.

I've competed in road, track, and mountain bike racing for many years and have worked with racers in all those disciplines, along with many non-racing clients. Some want to be the fastest on their local club rides, others just want to be able to complete their rides as efficiently as possible, and some just want to be as fit as possible and avoid injury. Sometimes an athlete knows of my recovery from significant injury and seeks me out to help recover from their own injuries.

Notable achievements
  • Bike fitter
  • Coaches a junior road racing team
  • Coaches a high school mountain bike racing team
Athlete testimonials

I am very happy with David. His workouts have been quite assertive and have helped me to improve significantly. He is a great coach! David has really helped me to improve my performance, and this season I am already winning races. Really happy and satisfied. - Javier, Mexico

I look forward to and enjoy the bike and strength workouts. I now clearly see differences in speed, power and stamina. Endurance too has come a long way. I also love the suggestions and/or recommendations in performing certain workouts. David understands and we've managed to work through my hectic work schedule. The workout schedules are perfectly placed. Workout load increases pushed and made me feel stronger. Met up with several old cycling buddies; we cycled up a short 12% incline that previously left me completely winded before the top. Climbed it with more energy to spare. Had more fun declining at 45 mph. Hit Portola loop and was able to keep pace with two of their stronger riders. I could never keep up with them. Then the 2000 questions followed: What have you been doing? What's your secret? The cycling and strength workouts are perfect - love the new challenges. My energy levels and sleep are now much better. Thanks for pushing and challenging me. - Mwema, California
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