Cort Cramer

Cort Cramer

Ashland, Massachusetts 

USAC Level 1 Coach With Distinction
PCG Elite/Master Coach
Coaching Focus: Road, CX, Time Trial, Tri, Ultra Endurance


As a lifelong athlete with a heavy science and research background, I have found endurance coaching to be the perfect outlet for combining my passion, education, and experience. I combine the fundamentals of science-based coaching with critical thinking skills and a focus on interpersonal communication, and my detailed approach to each athlete's development has yielded numerous wins, podiums, and successes. I believe that trust, clarity, and open communication are the keys to developing and fostering the coach-athlete relationship from the get-go. It is my goal to provide athletes with a scientifically structured yet flexible training environment that allows them to progress in a consistent manner toward goals and objectives. I believe endurance coaching is above all else a dynamic process; proactively managing each athlete's training, nutrition, recovery practices, and general life stress ensures a safe and successful path for athlete evolution.

I found out at a young age that I lacked any significant genetic talent in regard to athletics. As I slowly gravitated toward endurance sports, it became clear very early on in my endeavors that a well-devised approach with tremendous attention to detail and consistency in training would be critical to any success I would achieve. It was this focus on detail and this never-ending striving for training consistency that ultimately allowed me to compete at a very high level across multiple disciplines, and these same characteristics are what I base my coaching methodologies on.

As a full-time toxicologist and USAC Level 1 coach, I have first-hand experience in juggling the demands of training and racing with life's responsibilities. Management of stress, both competitive and non-competitive, is critical to athlete wellness and a key area of my focus with clients. Additionally, I hone in on nutrition, recovery, body composition metrics, and other often overlooked parameters to ensure each athlete understands the importance of a holistic approach to his/her performance.

Athlete testimonials

I have a variable schedule. Cort is constantly adjusting the schedule to take this into account. Stays on me to be consistent. I would argue that saved my life. There is accountability that gets me on my bike and direct feedback from him as well as when the racing season starts. He inspires me given his busy schedule. If he can find time so can I. Pleasure to work with him. - Kevin, Massachusetts

I've had amazing race results this year so far (a win, two additional podiums, two additional top tens, all in eight races) and recently upgraded my license (a major goal for the year). A large part of this has to do with tactical advice from Cort based on my power profile. I wouldn't have had the knowledge to pick this information out of the data, or the confidence to put it into action, if I hadn't been working with him. - Stefan, Massachusetts

Cort is the man. I've had a bunch of coaches over the years and he is the best. Very communicative and knowledgeable. - Art, Massachusetts
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