Christian Sheridan

Christian Sheridan

Charlottesville, Virginia

USAC Level 2 Coach
PCG Elite Coach
Coaching Focus: Road, Time Trial, CX


I raced while in college but then moved away from the sport for ten years as I earned my PhD in English literature. I never lost my love for the bike, however, and I've been back racing for over a decade now. I started training with power in 2006 and have been a USA Cycling certified coach since 2006. I've worked with athletes at all levels and have helped several athletes upgrade from Cat 5 to Cat 2.

Coaching philosophy

Each athlete's situation is different, but there are some common features in my approach to working with all my riders.

You need to know where you want to go. In order to craft an intelligent training plan, you have to know what you want the end result to be. I work with all my athletes to set reasonable yet challenging goals.
Communication must be open, clear, and honest. The success of any coach-athlete relationship depends upon the quality of communication between the two. Both sides need to be clear about their expectations, and it is vitally important that the coach be a good listener.

It is important to be open to new ideas. My experience as an educator has proven to me again and again that teachers can often learn much from their students, and the same goes for coaching. The coach-athlete relationship is a partnership in which both sides have contributions to make, and both must be open to new ideas. My background as an academic also helps me keep up with the latest research and translate it into practical workouts for my athletes.

It is important to be flexible and efficient. As an avid masters racer myself, I recognize that finding time to train is often the greatest challenge and that sometimes life intervenes in even the best designed plans. I work with all my athletes to maximize their training time, as well as to revise and refocus if any interruptions occur en route to their goals.

Athlete testimonials

Not having a coach prior to this I wasn't sure what to expect as far as fitness or power gains. I have been blown away by what Christian has done so far and how much he listens and modifies things when needed. I never expected the type of power gains I would have this fast. I have gone from riding mid pack to racing in the front in just a few short months! Christian's understanding of cyclocross has been a huge bonus as well. - Trent, Virginia

Christian's coaching system helped me make sense of my engine, define my strengths and weaknesses, accept the importance of recovery, and find ways to win. - Michael, 2nd Place Overall Masters 4/5 Series 2008

Christian has been a great coach. I truly appreciate the commitment that he shows towards my goal and devises the plan accordingly. My improvements are highly visible and I am loving working with Christian. We interact so regularly that I don't feel that my coach is on the other part of the world. Fantastic coach and great programme.  - Balaji, Tamil Nadu, India

The whole format (online, schedule, feedback) is perfect for me, and having someone like Christian is a bonus. While I'm not training to win the Tour, I want each workout to matter. I like that I am following a proven protocol, and the record keeping and personal feedback is very motivating. - Adam, Ontario, Canada

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