Brig Brandt

Brig Brandt

  • peaks coaching
Bend, Oregon

USAC Level
 1 Power Certified Coach
PCG Elite/Master Coach
Coaching Focus: MTB, Ultra Endurance MTB, Road, CX


I began my cycling career at age 13 and have raced ever since. I focused initially on mountain bike racing, but after moving to Austin to attend the University of Texas, I began road racing. After relocating to the Northwest, I branched into cyclocross, as well. My interest in coaching began after following a structured training program for the first time; in one season I progressed from Expert to Professional and finished the year with a 13th-place finish at Mountain Bike Nationals. I am currently a Category 2 road racer and professional mountain bike racer balancing training with life in “the real world.” I've finished on the podium in events ranging from criteriums to marathon mountain bike races.

I have had the pleasure of coaching multiple Masters National champions, as well as assisting elite athletes to podium finishes at their national championship events. I believe that any athlete, even those with limited time, can see significant improvement with focused training.

Athlete testimonials 

“I have not, for a second, regretted making the decision to work with Brig Brandt. It is absolutely money well spent. I have, for years, worked with a strength coach. Before that, I lifted by myself with minimal improvement. Without a cycling coach I would have been in a similar set of circumstances. I am now starting to see the benefit of our efforts when I am "out in the world." Although it is easier to see the benefit of the effort when looking back at the data. I will admit that I still get confused over TSS and the Fatigue metrics but Brig is always happy to go over their definitions repeatedly. Additionally, Brig recognizes that I do need to prioritize other things like family and work over cycling - and that this sometimes means I will not be working out on the bike that day. Truly - money very well spent. Very glad that I chose Peaks and very much that the working relationship with Brig Brandt.” - Jack B.

I got what I asked for. I told Peaks I wanted results not a cheerleader and it's clearly working with big gains in FTP two years after winning a masters championship. I thought I was topped out at 57 years old, but Brig has relentlessly kept my feet to the fire and driven me harder.........what I had asked for! I like Brig's no B.S. approach. Service has been great at every level. - Marland W.

Brig has done a great job introducing me to training with power. I'm more than satisfied with my results so far and look forward to getting better. In addition to the knowledge of gained, working with Brig has significantly increased the intensity and regularity of my workouts. Very satisfied.  - Dan M.

Brig has been awesome! Much more than I expected. I feel super comfortable in talking/emailing with Brig. When Tim recommended Brig to me after camp I was a bit nervous working long distance with a coach, as I've driven coaches crazy. Oops, did I say that? Bottom line: I would recommend Brig to anybody!!!!  - Glenn E.

I began working with Brig in February and I couldn’t have made a better choice. Not only does he understand the science of training and recovery, he understands the importance of life balance.  - Serena B.
Before I started training with Brig I was constantly getting dropped off the back of criteriums and getting lapped. When cyclocross season came around I was lapped by everyone. Within a few weeks of coaching, however, I was lapping some of my 'cross competitors and even staying with the pack in criteriums. Without Brig’s help I wouldn't be the Cat 3 I am today!  - Cole S.
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