Brian Freeze

Brian Freeze

Houston, Texas

USAC Level 3 Coach
PCG Elite Coach
Coaching Focus: MTB, Ultra Endurance MTB, Road, CompuTrainer


I've been involved in cycling all my life. In the early years I raced BMX and hung out at the local shops. By age 14 I was working in those shops selling BMX bikes, and at 17 I bought my first road bike. Some days I would call in sick just to sneak out and ride. In 1985 I was introduced to my first mountain bike, and before long I tried my hand at racing. I’d found my true love. I have been a member of NORBA (now Cycling USA) since 1992 and have been racing for seventeen years in Texas, where I compete in the 40-49 class.

When not training and racing, I love to cook, have a great glass of wine, or drive my Porsche on a twisty country road, with my bike on top, of course. I also raise money to help provide clean water to people around the world who don’t have access to it.

Coaching philosophy

I strongly believe that if you’re serious about training, you need to train with power; it provides priceless insight into training and course management. I bought one of the first Polar heart rate monitors, then a CompuTrainer, and I train completely with power. I've been a big fan of power training (and Hunter Allen) since finding out about the original CyclingPeaks Software for the CompuTrainer, and I've used every version of the software, including the newest WKO+.

In my professional life as VP of Sales at one of the largest art galleries in the country, Gremillion & Co. Fine Art, Inc., in Houston, Texas, I fully understand the balance between training, family, and other life passions. I believe cycling is one of the greatest ways to stay in shape because you can participate in it all your life and most of its training principals can be applied to your family and profession.

I've coached many beginner and sport riders over the years, helping them move up through the ranks. I've also helped several recreational road riders and racers to excellence, and I know I can help you, too. Whether you ride on the road, ride off-road, race, or just want to get in shape, I can help you get to the next level with my personal, hands-on experience.

  • CompuTrainer
  • ErgVideo
  • Cat 1 Racer
Athlete testimonials 

Brian is a fantastic coach! He has helped me physically and mentally achieve my goals and aspire for new bigger, better goals. Has been a great role model as an athlete himself, and I truly admire his dedication to helping others. - Jodie Wetuski

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