Bob Blaisdell

Bob Blaisdell

Johnson City, Tennessee 
USAC Level 2 Coach
Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist
NSCA Certified Personal Trainer
USA Weightlifting Sport Performance Coach
Functional Movement Screen Certified
B.S. in Exercise Physiology
M.S. in Exercise Science (anticipated completion July 2015)
PCG Elite Coach
Coaching Focus: Road, Track, MTB, Endurance MTB


My competitive cycling background began with BMX in 1990. Since then I have competed in numerous cross-country mountain bike and road races, and I have an extensive track cycling background. My main focus on the track was the kilometer TT. Throughout my competitive career, I was able to earn numerous state titles and top tens. I stepped back from racing after the 2006 season to focus on my coaching endeavors but was still able to earn two gold medals (sprints and kilometer TT) in the 2011 Virginia State Championships. I aspire to help each of my athletes reach his/her own goals and highest potentials. Though my role is to educate my athletes, I learn a lot from them, as well, and I utilize only scientifically proven training methodologies/protocols. I've worked with numerous individuals, coaching them to success in cycling, running, duathlon, and triathlon.

Notable achievements
  • Program director at the Valley Preferred Cycling Center in Trexlertown, Pennsylvania, for the 2012 season
  • Associate coach at the Valley Preferred Cycling Center in Trexlertown, Pennsylvania, from 2003 through 2013
  • Head coach for the USA Cycling U-23 Talent ID/Development Camps (Northeast Region) from 2006 through 2011
  • Assistant coach for the US National Endurance Track Cycling Team in Los Angeles for a World Cup Preparation Camp in 2006
  • Served as team physiologist/coach for the Princeton University Cycling Team, the Kutztown University Cycling Team, and the University of South Florida Cycling Team
Athlete testimonials

Bob is a very knowledgeable physiologist and trainer who is able to understand where an athlete is, where they want to be, and how best to get them there. He works with athletes of all levels and is able to explain complex topics in terms that clients can apprehend and put to use. - Nick Frey, professional cyclist, USA national TT champion

I started training with Bob for a century when I was 65. From the beginning I was impressed by his broad knowledge of training methods, by his perceptiveness in articulating training sessions, and by his always-professional attitude, as well as his very personal interest in me and my training needs. I couldn’t have asked for a better coach; in both tangible and intangible terms, I received a great deal more from Bob than the money I invested with him. I was with Bob for about a year and a half. It was an extremely productive, satisfying relationship. - Jim Kerr, masters recreational cyclist. Using the lactate testing from Bob, I have been able to drop over a minute and a half off my five-minute run time trial in only two months (at the same heart rate)! - Roy Arena, multiple Ironman finisher

Bob’s customer service is can you complain about a company that caters to your every need as an athlete and a customer? - Candace Koska, multiple Ironman finisher

If you have Bob coach you, YOU WILL REACH YOUR GOAL. I've been racing for thirty-four years, having been state and nationally ranked. Last year nationals were in town, and I was telling Coach Bob that I would like to race well at nationals -- and here are the buts: work, family, training time.....some of you might be there. Coach Bob heard all of this stuff, and then he asked, "You want to do this? See you in the gym." First things we changed were some old stale workouts and started working on balance and power. Coach Bob spent two hours one-on-one. He handed the routine to me, and off I went. In the gym three times each week and some indoor riding. He then fine-tuned it more. The gym program went till May, the riding took more time, we worked power and speed; the most important thing is that Coach Bob was there the whole time. He was also in my head on staying focused and not doing more then I should. It was a great thing to have Coach Bob. Can’t thank him enough. If you're seeking a coach, with Coach Bob you will reach your goal. P.S. I am nationally ranked again! Thanks, Coach Bob! - Jim Alvord, Cat 2 road/track

Coach Bob knows his stuff, and I had complete confidence in his coaching ability from the beginning. He has helped me to build a base that can be used to improve my overall ability and move me to the next level. - Noah Zitzer, Cat 3 road, Kutztown University Cycling Team

The pack runs as fast as the lead wolf. Coach Bob Blaisdell, with his consistent motivation, consistent dedication to detail, and quality training knowledge, has made me one fast wolf in the 62+ duathlon and run events. He is definitely the lead "wolf" in his field! - Chris Cosmas, masters duathlete/road runner

I highly recommend Bob Blaisdell. I contacted Bob to help with a nagging leg injury. He analyzed my position on the bike and developed solutions to relieve my aches and get me training again. He is methodical, patient, professional, and very knowledgeable. I can't thank Bob enough for all of his help. - Frank Schlipf III, Cat 3 road

Bob has helped me to meet my goals on the track and exceed them in cyclocross racing. He's laid out a training plan that is well thought out and has helped me to develop the specific areas of my racing. As a 40+ racer with an active full-time job, it's been tough for me to work with a coach who understands the additional stress that life can cause. Bob has listened to my needs and laid out a plan that takes my life into account. I couldn't be more pleased with my coaching experience with Bob, a great coach and an all-around nice guy.  - Paul Incognito, Cat 2 track/Cat 3 road

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