Bill Brunner

Bill Brunner

  • cycling coach
  • Bill Brunner, Peaks Coaching Group

  • Bill Brunner, Peaks Coaching Group

  • Bill Brunner, Peaks Coaching Group

  • Bill Brunner, Peaks Coaching Group

Fairfield, New Jersey

l 2 Coach
USA Hockey Level 4 Coach
SafeSport Certified Coach through the US Olympic Committee
TrainingPeaks Certified Coach
PCG Elite Coach
Body Geometry Fit Specialist
Coaching Focus: Road, Crit, Time Trial, Cyclocross, Running


Many years ago, at the age of thirteen, I entered my first bike race in Brookdale Park, New Jersey. I was hooked. I was fortunate to race at the top level of the sport in the United States and spent several seasons in Europe at the top amateur level, competing in many of the major stage races on the continent. I continued to serve the cycling community as a past president and board member of the US Bicycling Hall of Fame. I earned my first USCF (United States Cycling Federation) coaching certification in 1977, and I currently hold a USA Cycling Level 2 coaching certificate. I spent fifteen years coaching youth ice hockey, working with all levels of players, and I hold a USA Hockey Level 4 certificate (the highest level). I am the director and doach of Montclair Bikery Colavita Development, passing on training and racing knowledge to U23 athletes. I've watched and helped juniors move from beginners to the highest ranks in cycling. In the 2014 season I perfected my comeback by adopting my training philosophy, and earning the season-long 55 + Maxxis Garden State Cup. I repeated this success in 2015.

I've coached different types of athletes, from beginning riders finishing their first century to seasoned athletes wanting to move from an average result to a podium finish. In recent years I served as Director Sportif for four Tour d’ Abitibi Teams, with tour leadership experience dating back to the 1980s. I work with fitness to elite athletes who want to improve in endurance in running or cycling, helping them set and reach their individual goals.

Coaching philosophy

My strength in coaching is communicating one-to-one with my athletes. I strive to understand each one's challenges and explain my expectations clearly. I believe in the “relentless pursuit of short-term goals.” Results will follow your daily adherence to a well-constructed plan. I often repeat the line “my season starts now.” So many things I do today will influence my performance: what I choose to eat, when I choose to miss a workout, and even when I ride too hard without rest. What I do today -- each day -- will affect what happens on race day.

I understand what it takes physiologically and psychologically to build or rebuild fitness, whether you're starting fresh or returning to competition. I also understand what it takes to make it work when “life happens” and how to get past mediocre results by improving tactics and strategies.

Notable achievements
  • Two 2014 New Jersey State Championship silver medals
  • 2015 Silver 55+ New Jersey State Road Championship
  • 2014 55+ Maxxis Garden State Cup champion
  • 2015 55+ Maxxis Garden State Cup champion
  • 2015 45+ Branchbrook Park Series sprint leader
  • Head coach of the Bucknell University cycling team
  • Director of the Montclair Bikery development team
  • Hockey North America Regional and National champion
Athlete testimonials

Bill is very knowledgeable and experienced. His main strength and contribution to me is his great overview and general planning -- he focuses on the big picture, quickly learned my strengths and weaknesses, and I think his training plan is well thought through. Bill is also attentive and responds to questions, etc.  - Doron, New Jersey

I’m quite enjoying the training program, which I feel is already making me stronger and starting to yield results. More generally its just been a great outlet and kept me true to my training in a way I otherwise wouldn’t have. Bill is great, super thoughtful. Was particularly impressed when he joined me on foot at the start of a recent race to offer advice and encouragement.  - Bill, New Jersey

Bill has a method to his coaching that is incomparable to any other. Not only does he excel in training, but Bill’s racing advice is some of the best I've ever received. Last year, I never would have thought that I could be competitive with the category 4 men in my field. I would always end up finishing with the pack; a respectable result, but not what I was looking for. That’s when Bill told me to go for the breaks and to not be afraid of what might happen. This piece of advice opened a whole new world for me: I was finally able to be in the finishing pack and contend for the sprint finish. Another key skill of a good coach is communication. Bill is always prompt to respond to any question sent via email, and often sends emails to check in if he sees something that could be tweaked in regard to your training. An excellent coach has the ability to train his rider strategically and physically, and Bill’s approach is unparalleled. - Matt Jogodnik

Bill and I have raced alongside each other for the past few years. His reputation as a road racing tactician peaked my interest when I was looking for a coach who could not only hone my fitness, but also help guide me through the challenge of achieving my racing goals. His tenure as a racer and leader in the cycling community made it an easy decision to pick Bill. In my first season working with Bill, I've seen incredible results. He understands how to manage my training plan while I navigate the challenges of my personal life as a father, husband, and entrepreneur. He blends modern techniques with many time-tested traditional methods to create a comprehensive plan that is easy to follow. Bill conveys in simple terms the purpose and value of the workouts for my larger training plan and goals. This has allowed me to dig a little deeper and work a little harder, confident that I will be prepared for whatever the racing season has in store for me. - Dave, New Jersey

Coach Bill's training philosophy allows me to feel comfortable with what I am doing. He explains every workout and its function. Also since he has so much experience, his input on my races truly allows me to grow from learning my mistakes. Since cycling is such a time-consuming sport, Bill takes the effort to know what is happening during the week and formulates a training plan around it. Coach Bill definitely developed me into a fast growing bike racer. - Dan, New Jersey

Special thanks and appreciation to coach Bill Brunner not only for the great results and improvements I had since we started working together but also for the way Bill got me there. In addition to Bill’s experience, dedication and wisdom he has extensive knowledge of the theory behind working with power and by clever use of the tools we have and thorough analysis (using WKO 4, TP, etc.), he puts his finger spot on my strengths and weaknesses and illustrates them on our weekly calls as if he was next to me on the bike. Bill then applies these lessons to an effective training plan that yields results. Thanks Bill for a great season and looking forward to the next one. - Doron, NYC
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