BJ Basham

BJ Basham

Fairfax, Virginia

USAC Level 1 Coach
PCG Master Coach
Coaching Focus: Road, Crit, Time Trial, CX


I have been riding and racing in the mid-Atlantic area since 1984. What started as a cheap way to get to school and work has grown into a healthy lifestyle based around cycling. A second place in my first road race hooked me, and I have never been tempted to give up the sport, no matter how sparse the results have been over the years. I truly love riding my bike and would probably still ride every week even if I weren't racing.

A full time job, a desire to spend a lot of time with my family, a less-than-maintenance-free home, and an actual lack of physical talent have given me the opportunity to learn how to get as much out of the time I have on the bike. I have learned that everything that you do, from working, training, and eating right to getting enough rest, and even the people that you interact with, can affect your results and even your entire season. Hopefully you will be able to benefit from the lessons I've learned.

Coaching philosophy

To me, coaching is based on flexibility and communication. I believe that every training plan should be written in pencil. Very few people can control everything that may come up in their lives or know exactly how they will respond to a given training load or personal event. By keeping you involved in the formulation of your training program, together we can do what it takes to allow you to reach your goals with the time and resources available.

My primary goal is to get you to the point where you enjoy the time you spend cycling. I can teach you the importance of balancing work, training, and rest, how to take care of your equipment, and even how to juggle, if you like. I can work with riders at all levels from beginner to professional racers trying to making a living in the saddle.

  • Experienced precision bike fitter and mechanic
Athlete testimonials


It's only been 4 weeks working with BJ but this guy is AWESOME. I think he's from another planet or something. The structure that BJ has on his training workouts is unbelievable. Communication is so easy. My biggest concern when we first started this journey was communication, me being from PR, and how I will communicate with my coach. I wanted to be sure that if I had any questions regarding a specific work out I was going to be able to reach my coach and receive and answer in a fast/easy manner. I can tell you today that BJ has exceed this and more. Not only he answers my emails fast, the detailed info that's on his answers is absurd. Many times I just shoot him a yes or no question and I receive an email with 4-5 paragraphs, graphics and more explaining why we're doing what we're doing, the benefits of what we're doing, how to do the work out correctly, etc. RIDICULOUS!! The experience that this guys has on training methods, power, and race situations are off the charts!! On just 4 weeks I already feel the difference in power, not only I feel it, It shows on the different graphics and analysis that BJ shares with me. Another thing is how BJ adjusts to my schedule. Between work, a newborn baby girl and other things sometimes I have to change or skip a work out with no advanced notice and BJ reacts accordingly and readjust everything so we stay on track as to what we want to accomplish. I wanted to have a coach for the long term, I have no doubt I've found it!!  - Nelson Rosa 

Excellent, I cannot compliment BJ enough. He makes feedback comments on my comments and share far more things with me than i expected. He is able to delve in to many years of experience and has no issue sharing these with me. I really enjoy working with him. “I am finding that this relationship is a perfect match in terms of what I put in I get x 4 back. BJ is one of those rare people that use stories to relay experiences. By doing this it engages me and I feel part of those experiences. 

I am really happy happy with my coach. i think he thinks I'm ok too ;) - Keith Hamilton

BJ has done an outstanding job. I cannot give him a high enough recommendation. I have been more than satisfied with the service provided and am already making referrals. In fact, I think the team will be looking for team coaching next year.  - Jared Nieters

A good coach is constantly riding the dividing line between being too hard or too easy, between being a controlling force or a guiding influence, between being a dictator or your best friend. So it is with BJ and me. He realizes that training, while important to me, is not the most important thing in my life. He understands when higher priority demands on my time are exercised. We simply look at our schedule and dynamically figure out the options available to still meet our goals. I have confidence in his coaching ability to complete any given workout without the fear that I'm not going to ever recover. He has pushed me farther than I ever would have advanced on my own. He has convinced me that I have untapped potential, and he backs this realization with data and trend analysis.  - Jeffrey Schnur

With BJ's guidance I've gotten results, continued to improve and get stronger, and pushed myself beyond where I thought I could go. I'm in the best total shape of my life, not just on the bike. But what really sets BJ apart is the personal attention I receive from him. When I finish a workout and upload my data, I often get an email back from him in minutes addressing any concerns I may have raised in my comments and simply letting me know if I've done a killer job. And on really hard days, even if you know you've nailed it, nothing feels better than that simple "attaboy." BJ is flexible and works with my schedule. And there's no agenda with BJ. He listens to my ambitions and embraces them, writing a program to help me achieve what I want to achieve. Although I know BJ has 20 athletes, I always feel like I'm the only guy he coaches. If you want a coach who will challenge you, embrace your goals, work with your schedule, and fill you with positive energy, you need to train with BJ.  - Brian Sacawa

I've been racing bikes for the last seven years, and each year I struggled to improve to be competitive with the other racers in my category. I finally decided to invest in a coach to help guide my training. This was my special treat for me! For my race training BJ uses information gathered from my power meter, as well as how I feel during training rides. From this he structures my training plan to work on areas that need improvement. Certain things he has me doing on the bike are things I would never have thought of doing on my own as I didn't understand how they fit into making me a better racer. However, I trust that as a racer himself he knows what skills are needed to race effectively and how to achieve or improve those skills. Since working with BJ, I admit I haven't won any races, but I've truly been IN the races, from start to finish.  - Diane Harris

Bike fitting

I would not be riding today if not for BJ's fitting services. Road cycling hooked me in 2004, but I quickly developed knee problems, and joint pain prevented me from working hard enough to make significant progress. In early 2007 walking became misery, and I was nearly ready to quit. I tried many remedies and had been fitted several times, but they did nothing. Finally I was advised to try Wobble Naught. After measuring and having nearly every setting adjusted, I left the session with hope. Getting back on the bike was starting from scratch; all the right muscles were neglected in my prior position. Another two months and I could finally ride without knee pain! I took a long off-season and hit the next year with renewed determination. Prior races had always ended with drops or field finishes, but I pulled fifth place at my first event. Nearly every competition since has put me within the top ten. In late summer I joined the Category 4 ranks, and in the fall my team recognized me as the most improved rider. Thank you, BJ, for helping keep me on the bike and making all this possible!  - Michael Ahlers
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