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Do you own a CompuTrainer or Wahoo Kick'r? Looking for an awesome way to have more trainer fun and efficiency? ErgVideo is it! Ride with the pros and be a part of the peloton climbing the French Alps. Plus, get an awesome coach approved workout to boot!

Interested in trying ErgVideo?
Here's your chance to try-out ErgVideo for a limited-time, special, low, low price!

No gimmicks here. These are 100% fully operational ErgVideos with no featured disabled, omitted, or held back as teasers. This gives you the chance to feel what riding and training with ErgVideo is all about, and you'll finally understand why so many people are stalwart, die-hard devotees.
Make no mistake, this isn't a non-training session either. Be ready to work. ErgVideo gives you a taste of some aggression on Alpe d'Huez, the col de la Croix de Fer, some hard intervals with Peaks Coaching Group coaches, including Scott Moninger, and ErgVideo will give you a little taste of chasing a National Time Trial Champion on a challenging course, too. ErgVideo will provide more than 8 different workout variations for the ErgVideos, and you can make more yourself with the ErgVideo ride designer. Like ErgVideo said, nothing is held back, every feature is enabled, and it's only $1.99! ErgVideo knows you're going to like it!

Interested in learning more? View our most recent webinar with ErgVideo.

TOPIC: Indoor Training with ErgVideo
This webinar will begin with reviewing the benefits of indoor training with a Smart Trainer. Coach Tim Cusick will share specific physiological improvements to target and why they are best achieved through indoor training with ErgVideo. 

This will be followed by Paul Smeulders, Founder of ErgVideo, walking attendees through how to best utilize ErgVideo videos and training plans.

PRESENTERS: Tim Cusick and Paul Smeulders


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